Running CR on Samsung Chromebook 550



  • Sennic

    Are there any special installation requirements?  I tried the same on my Samsung S550 and it didn't seem to work. 

    It would be great to get an up to date OS on the machine, it still has plenty of life, I would be grateful for any help


  • Mong Xeng Khan

    I used the regular install method ( when I had to reinstall CR version 70 due to some buggy update (Samsung 550 is not a supported hardware after all) a few months back. Not sure if there's any changes for the latest version. 

  • Sennic

    Hmm...sorry if my question is obvious but do you have to go into developer mode and "recover" the chromebook from the USB drive? 

    The instructions seem to be for Windows laptops etc. I've installed dual boot linux on windows but the locked down nature of Chromebooks is new to me.  Plugging in the USB doesn't do anything on my chromebook, it just opens the folders.  Unless perhaps I didn't create the USB correctly.

    Again, I'd be grateful for tips, the S550 has good specs and going to waste at present!

  • Mong Xeng Khan

    Yea, you'll need to siwitch to Developer Mode and allow boot from USB.

    Some information is here:

    The command to enable USB boot may have changed over the years, so if the instructions above don't work, you'll need to find an up to date instructions or try different commands.

  • Sennic

    Great I found my way through with these, and trial and error. Seems to work pretty well and I'm delighted to have my Chromebook working again (Google dropped support at ChromeOS 65). It was probably over-specc'd (4gb RAM etc) so still works well.

    In case useful to anyone else, here were the steps on my Samsung S550 Chromebook. You need to create the CloudReady USB, then...

    1. Put chromebook into developer mode
    2. Switch on, Ctrl + d to get rid of the scary screen, but don't log in at the screen
    3. Press Ctrl + Alt + ->
    4. You now get the black screen, type 'chronos' and hit return
    5. There are some helpful instructions on the screen by this time (might be different on another chromebook). Type the following command:
    sudo enable_dev_usb_boot
    I got a message to say "SUCCESS: Booting from any self-signed kernel from SSD/USB/ SD Card slot is enabled"
    6. Switch off (I think, can't quite recall!)
    7. Insert your CloudReady USB
    8. Switch on, press Ctrl + U ('u' instead of 'd' means the chromebook boots from the USB)
    9. CloudReady starts. To install it, don't log in, click on tray at the bottom right, install is one of the options in the dialogue box.
    10. Let it install and it should shut down (may restart)
    11. You can remove USB, switch on and press CTRL + d

    My S550 is useful again, Neverware should publicise this!

  • Sarah Evaravenspell

    I am attempting this. CR is currently being installed. Just wondering tho, did you disable dev mode after CR Is installed or just leave it as it is?

  • Sennic

    Just leave it in dev mode, so whenever you startup you get the unhappy computer screen and need to press ctrl+d.  The only issue I've had is updates seem to break the install and you have to start again, ie switch off developer mode, re-install a genuine Chrome OS, then go through the above process again.  Bit of a pain, if anyone has ideas how to fix the update issue I'd be grateful!

  • Sarah Evaravenspell

    I am happy with my install. It should be fine leaving it on Dev mode. How were your updates so far? Im just glad that everything is working :D except for the bluetooth. I cannot seem to turn it on..~

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