Works on 1 machine but not another



  • Forrest Smith



    When you boot from USB, what BIOS/Boot menu options are you selecting in order to target the USB? Are there are other options available to choose?

    I would guess that there may be a "EFI" option in the machine's F9 boot menu which might work better?

  • Rich Zwolinski

    Windows Boot
    Boot from EFI file - select USB, select both 64 bit options and go black screen
    Notebook HD
    USB HD - this one fails

  • Forrest Smith

    If you select EFI > boot > bootx64.efi and still see nothing, then I'd guess this is an issue with the graphics. Probably this pavilion device is not yet compatible with CloudReady - sorry. Checking future updates/releases would be your best bet as we ship improvements and kernel upgrades from time to time which add new graphics support.

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