Install CloudReady in an empty partition on another drive



  • Forrest Smith

    We don't support dual boot anymore. Past attempts had major issues - read more here.


    Chromium OS expects to own the entire disk when installing, and itself has 12 functional partitions, so targeting a single empty partition for installation is technical impossible. 


    As Tony suggests, running from USB is a good idea. You can also consider dedicating an entire disk to CloudReady - if you remove your other disks temporarily and run a USB install to a full blank disk, you should be able to create a dual boot-like scenario where you interrupt boot to choose between your disks.

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  • Phuc Hoang

    Thank you! I just make an install usb and boot from it (partition 27 is what i see in my one time boot bios) but as i try to boot in, my computer go into recovery bios mode (as they cannot boot?/boot drive is corrupted???) Is there any way to fix this?

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