Newly made CloudReady configured at the first boot?



  • Forrest Smith

    Hi Nero,

    Whether you're talking about a USB bootable CloudReady image, or a fully installed disk, the answer is mostly "no" - you can re-use the same USB/disk and it should work on a different computer. There's no hardware-specific permanent adaptation that happens after install.

    Note that the OS will boot, but pre-existing settings and user data will probably no longer be valid/accessible, so you'll need to re-set wifi passwords, and login as if for the first time.

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  • C. Nero

    In my case, once booted on a Win Lenovo 11e, it did not boot on a Asus C300M CHROMEBOOK.  (But a newly built one boots fine here)

    Most likely it is because of the "different way" chromebooks appears to be treated from security point of view.  I have posted another thread here about on the chromebook, I do not have shell command available in the crosh,  even though the Chromebook is already in the dev mode, and shows the Verification off warning msg when I initially boot.

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