File Download Locations for Virtualbox



  • Forrest Smith

    Hey Brandon,


    I noticed this the other day - there's something weird where the Downloads folder doesn't show up, but it is accessible. You have to either:


    1) use a browser bash shell to copy your .iso from ~/Downloads/ to another location 


    2) type "Downloads/[yourfilename]" into the path inside the VBox file select dialog box.


    That make sense?

  • Boo Khan Ming

    Yes, that made sense. Full path: /home/chronos/user/Downloads

  • Petr Koutek

    It's rather peculiar. I tried to locate Downloads through Shell (CTRL + ALT +T, then typed "shell") and "ls -l" says it is not there. However if I type in "cd Downloads" it gets me to the folder and "pwd" shows the path  /home/chronos/user/Downloads

    Gimp (Flatpak) for instance displays "Downloads" straightaway.

  • Eduard Gertz

    Hi! Yeah, I have the same problem, but after going to "home/chronos/user/" just type "Downloads" in the search bar of the VM, and the download folder magically appears! It's a very interesting bug... Maybe there is a problem with the permissions: I tried to make a new "Downloads" folder and get an error message: "You cannot create a new folder with that name here." So, the folder is there- he just don't show up! But why?

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