music sites will not play



  • Geofrey Hill

    Do you have "Proprietary Media Components" installed?

  • Jay Garn


  • Forrest Smith

    Jay - Are you using a 32bit image of CloudReady?

  • Jay Garn

    No, 64 bit.

  • Forrest Smith


    Sorry - I'm not sure what's wrong then. Other 64bit CloudReady devices with all plugins installed play spotify just fine.

    Try the following:

    • Log in as a guest and see if that works
    • Reinstall and see if it works on a fresh insall (after installing plugins and rebooting)
    • Update to our dev channel to see if v69.1 fixes the problem
  • Jay Garn

    I am using CloudReady on live usb on a Dell Inspiron 3541 laptop.  AMD A6 with 8GB ram and 1 TB hard drive.  I have three browsers installed  - Chrome, Firefox and Opera - and using Windows 10 on internal hard drive. will not play on Chrome but will on Firefox and Opera.  Perhaps there is a connection there.

    I've been considering getting a Chromebook but it must play my music sites and I was using CloudReady as my reference for what my experience with a Chromebook will be.  Perhaps there is something peculiar about the laptop that is the problem.  The Chrome browser is up to date.



  • Richard

    I'm also experiencing problems due to the disappearance of Media Plugins. Unable to use Netflix or Spotify. Fresh install this weekend.

    Using 68.4.74 (Developer Build - neverware) developer-build chromeover54

  • Richard

    UPDATE: I returned to my PC after a couple of hours to find that the Media Plugins were now available. Weird. Installing a rebooting solved the issue.

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