Bios not loading after installing cloudready.



  • Mikoto San

    Hi there.

    This sounds more likely to be a problem with your G585 than a Cloudready problem.


    I have 2 things you could try in order to make the BIOS show up.

    1. Replace the CMOS battery (a small round battery in the laptop)

    2. Try plugging In a VGA / HDMI cable and see If there Is a output on a second monitor.



  • Suzan

    Hey Mikoto.
    First of all thank you for your reply.
    I managed to fix the problem after a lot of trial and error.
    It turns out the bios was loading with no display if that makes any sense. The machine was booting to bios but the monitor was black.
    I was done with this machine when I pressed f12 + down arrow + enter on a blacked out screen in sheer desperation. To my dismay windows booted up from the already plugged in bootable usb!
    I installed windows successfully.
    It is not an issue with this laptop. It boots to bios on any version of windows + linux just not cloudready.

  • Mikoto San

    Hi Suzan.


    That sounds weird, but I'm glas you figured It out.



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