Bluetooth not working on HP Stream 11, patch brcm/BMC.hcd not found



  • Mikoto San

    Hi there.


    There sure Is a way to disable Secure boot even after installing :)

    Here Is how to enter the BIOS on a HP machine:

    Once power button Is pressed, pres the ESC key until a menu pops up.

    On that menu select "BIOS or SETUP" on the list (usally just press F10) and you should be able to disable It in there :-)


    I am here to help, If you have any other questions or problems :)


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  • Muhamad Taufik

    I did goes into the BIOS, but I don't see any option to disable it. The tabs on top: Main (system time, date, log), Security (admin password, power-on password) , System Configuration (language, virtualization, action key mode, boot option) , and Exit.
    Just a question, was it due to secure boot enabled that my Bluetooth is not working?

    edit: did some try n error. in system configuration, the legacy boot have to be disable first then the secure boot option lit up, and then i can disable it.

    edit 2: disabled the secure boot but still bluetooth still not connecting only scanning. 

    edit 3: how to actually correct this:

    [    8.289003] bluetooth hci0: Direct firmware load for brcm/BCM.hcd failed with error -2
    [    8.289049] Bluetooth: hci0: BCM: Patch brcm/BCM.hcd not found
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  • Forrest Smith

    Bluetooth and secure boot should have no relationship, as far as I know. 

    Some machines simply don't support bluetooth, however, and in this case I think that is what you're saying. If disabling and re-enabling it doesn't do the trick then you may need to find an alternative to bluetooth for now.

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  • Muhamad Taufik

    The reason why I assume secure boot was the culprit is because in the device spec sheet provided by neverware, it stated that in order for bluetooth to work, the secure boot must be disabled prior to installing couldready.

    Oh well, surely I can live without bluetooth working on my device. =D. Thanks guys.

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