Now Working! - CloudReady - 2K Resolutions with FlatPak and Virtualbox



  • Forrest Smith

    Very cool ! Thanks for the report of success, and glad you're putting CLoudReady through the paces with such significant use.



  • Daniel Luck

    Keep of the great work, Forrest!

  • Iyas Massoud

    I love the addition of flatpak. I was able to successfully install Kdenlive (an amazing open source video editor) for my brother so he can work on his channel. What I think will be a game-changer is the ability to run Android. Now, I know that Neverware has already addressed this issue (legal issues with Google to be specific), but Neverware could implement a simple emulator into CloudReady. It would feel native to the OS because of how efficient the system already runs.

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