• Matthew Standley

    I may be wrong but I seem to remember reading that you need to install cloudready to a Windows drive if you want dual boot.

    From memory, cloudready must be installed directly onto the 'Windows' drive.
    I have a 2011 Macbook Pro with Windows 7 on a bootcamp partition, for example, and although I run cloudready only form a USB boot-up, I believe that if I were to run the set-up to run it from a drive, it would automatically find a 'Windows' drive onto which it would install itself over about 12 self-created partitions.
    I am less certain about the following, but as I remember it, you would then be given the option to boot into either Windows or cloudready, but first of course you would have to tell your Mac to use Bootcamp (Windows) as its default boot or you would have to select bootcamp from the menu after starting the Mac and holding down the 'alt' key for boot options.
    What I have said should be double checked, of course.

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  • Joe

    Hmm I've dual-booted with Linux MINT in the past but CR has changed to the point it's not worth it now. Either a Kernel/Firmware update to MINT or a update to CR breaks MINT and only CR will boot. Sorry 

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  • Forrest Smith


    We've retired official dualboot support. Sorry folks.

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