USB Keyboard now working after wake from sleep (works to wake computer)



  • Tony Baloney

    Can you wake with a mouse click or power button push...does the keyboard work THEN???

  • Andrew Lee

    Negative.  I can wake via mouse or power button (or keyboard), but after wake the keyboard is unresponsive either way.  The only remedy is to unplug/plug the keyboard.

  • Tony Baloney

    Different USB (assuming it's a USB connector) port make a difference?

  • Andrew Lee

    I tried two other USB ports:

    Port A:  same behavior, computer can wake via keyboard, but becomes unresponsive after wake

    Port B:  Interestingly, this port does NOT wake the computer, but it works fine after wake via mouse!


    For now, I'll use Port B...

  • Tony Baloney

    Sounds like a sweet work around with port'd go with that!

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