How can i change the I/O Scheduler on boot?



  • Reni Dantas

    When logged, i start crosh and run

    >sudo shell

    >echo "noop" > /sys/block/sda/queue/scheduler

  • Reni Dantas

    It works! Thanks, man.

    Notice: I change in /tmp/x/syslinux and not in /tmp/x/efi 

  • Reni Dantas

    Yeah! I still use that.

  • Reni Dantas

    Less overhead in cpu, i think, idnk.

  • Forrest Smith

    This change will need to be re-made after an update if it's in the root partition - sorry friends. 

    Cool that it works though. 

  • Michael Pobega

    I actually believe the bootloader config files should survive updates unless we explicitly need to replace them as part of an update. So for now, you should be safe!

  • Michael Pobega

    You shouldn't need to do that, and I wouldn't recommend modifying your bootloader config files that way. Like I said, the changes here should persist so just making the modification one time should be sufficient.

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