I want to install Windows 8.1 and uninstall CloudReady!!



  • nangtienngu

    Why do you want to re-install Windows? What apps ,which are missing in Cloudready, are you looking for?

  • Zayaan

    it is because i want to use better apps and some other stuff.

  • nangtienngu

    The easiest way is using another computer that run Windows to download the Windows 8.1 ISO and create a USB stick with App Rufus or you can purchase a DVD from the manufactures.  After that, boot the USB stick and delete 27 partitions to re-install Windows.

  • Zayaan

    Thank you

  • nangtienngu

    If you PC support project Crostini, from the terminal you can install a application called "Wine" that help you to install some Windows apps.

  • mario

    Hi nangtienngu.


    I tried with your suggestion but failed. Actually, the hard disk partition used by Cloudready can't be found under new OS, no matter what the OS is, to be installed. No mention to delete 27 partitions created by Cloudready or even re-partition the hard drive.

    My computer is Compaq CQ-40.


  • nangtienngu

    Hi Mario,

    It sounds very strange. Could you tell me how do you create Windows USB bootable, please? Is there any ways to access your BIOS menu to choose the bootable device( for example HDD, USB or CD)? For your Compaq device, I think that after pressing power button, you may press "ESC " key and  "F10" to do that. You can find out here https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/bpb11735

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