USB creation eats all my C drive space



  • nangtienngu

    After creating USB installer for Cloudready, you can easily delete its files( about 8~9 GB) on Download folder in driver C. It will help you to increase your disk space.

  • Forrest Smith

    The USB maker will also erase the files when you use it a second time, meaning that it should only take up, at most, 5-10 GB at a time.

  • Jens

    Why not add an option to download file on other disk? and make it continue to create USB when there is no update instead download and waste my data plan? My external USB HDD have 1 TB and have plenty of spaces

    Other problem is it makes my computer very slow when it fills up my C drive. My C drive have only 100 GB and free space around 6 GB

  • Forrest Smith


    Sorry - we're intending this for pretty limited use cases and don't want to complicate it by adding features that won't be clear to everyone.


    If you want to avoid these restrictions, you can use the alternative instructions here:


    That way you can manually manage the downloaded files.

  • Dotcom

    Yeah second method is better, you can store the image file where ever you want and load it up on Chrome Recovery Tool.

    They always excuses no matter what. back then he said pull requests are welcome. They can at least add show/hide "advanced" like the most modern installers or just download the file in same location as itself instead only Downloads folder

  • Jens

    That's fine then

    I will use Chrome Recovery tool to create USB installer instead.

  • ariel perez

    I have tried in the past to create the usb with Chrome Recovery Utility, but my PC wouldn’t boot from the usb

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