Dell Inspiron 17" 5767 — Worlds largest "Chromebook"?



  • Alan W Morrison

    From the OP: Thought I'd update this to let interested parties know that, other than tap-to-click and SmartLock, everything continues to work fine. Why did I wait so long? Many sincere thanks to the developers and other supporters!

  • Forrest Smith

    Hey Alan

    Thanks for your thorough review - we've added this model to the list of "user reported working" machines so others will hopefully see it if they search.

    For smartlock, I'm afraid this isn't something I think we can fix. It relies on security features that only official Chromebooks provide, as far as I know.

    For tap-to-click- you can probably find a help article on tweaking touchpads if you search around this forum. I think you'd find that your touchpad needs one very specific quirk - it needs to have it's USB PID added to thr touchpad config file found at


    That will be a mildly technical command-line-driven exercise, so you might not be comfortable with it if you're new to Linux. It would also be a tweak you'd need to remake after each OS update (since we don't have your machine, so we can't make it permanent and test it in an ongoing fashion).
    But if you're invested in working through it, it should be possible to fix.

  • Alan W Morrison

    Thanks, Forrest. Having been a  computer programmer for 52 years I'm pretty comfy on the command line, but I'm using this computer to complete a book and don't want to switch it to developer mode so I'll click-to-click for now. Appreciate your help.

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