Usb installation problem



  • Forrest Smith

    This is expected - you can open the clock tray and click "install CloudReady" to initiate the install.


  • Ian Dee

    I'm having the same issue after clicking and running the "install CloudReady".  The install starts, machine powers off (expected as per the steps in the link above) ... once powered down I remove the USB and power up, but nothing happens. Don't even get the manufacturer boot screen.  If I power down and put the USB back in, Cloud Ready boots up and the "install CloudReady option is still in the clock tray. 

    I've run the install 3-4 times, still the same result.  Should note I have installed CloudReady on this machine before and it was just fine. Ran into a random rebooting issue a few days ago so I created a new USB stick with the latest version (70) to update it and now this.

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