v70 beta doesn't allow Media Plugin Updates



  • Forrest Smith

    Not sure what you're seeing, but it doesn't sound normal.

    I can understand why you wouldn't want non-tech-savvy people to need to reinstall, but our view would be that people like that shouldn't  be on the beta channel all the time the way you're describing. For them, and for you, unstable releases will always be prone to bugs, regarding plugins and other stuff.


    For this particular issue, I think checking if a reinstall shows it at all is the best course of action next to repeating the uninstall/reinstall procedure to double check.

  • Michael Banks

    Can I reinstall directly to the beta? Or do I have to install stable and then switch it? I feel like the process of changing the channels is what is breaking this.

  • Forrest Smith

    Sorry no - you have to update to the beta channel. 

    I think an update event could be the source of your plugin issues, but it might not happen 100% of the time (we test lots of updates and have not seen this particular issue). That's why I want to recommend retrying the whole install>update process before throwing in the towel.

  • Michael Banks

    I re-installed and then installed the plugins on stable. Thinking it would be better if they were not installed when I switched channels to beta, I uninstalled them and then switched back to beta. Upon restart, I re-enabled the plugins and they installed correctly. I'm going to continue using the beta channel and see if I run into anything else, but this issue seems to be solved.

    Thank you.

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