Widevine plugin missing on 70.3.34 developer-build No Netflix, no Prime Video.



  • Forrest Smith

    Have you installed the other plugins (flash and proprietary media components?) if so, can you check for updates and then reboot and try again?


    Also, can you provide info on what kinds of errors/screens you see wen the playback fails? And any info on your model number and hardware?

  • Luis Carlos Quarta

    I'm using the 70.3.34 developer-build on a Acer Aspire one D257 netbook. The two plugin you mentioned are both at the last version, and even rebooting, there still isn't  any Widevine plugin listed in the menù.

  • Forrest Smith

    The widevine plugin is built in on 64bit builds like 70.3.34. That's why you don't see it listed there. It's present.


    Can you provide information on the errors you see when trying to play Netflix or Prime video?

  • Luis Carlos Quarta

    My bad, now is working! I actually forget to test it once i reinstalled the os manually using the Chrome Recovery Utility because i stopped doing it and went out for a beer lol. Anyway i can confirm prime video is working now. Basically what i did to fix the problem was using the Chrome Recovery Utility to create the CloudReady usb installer, following this instructions https://neverware.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001557548-USB-Installer-Steps-In-Windows, instead of using the usb maker, which didn't work, and i reboted a couple of times after the installation as you suggested, hope this will help others. Thanks!

  • Pau Rodriguez

    In case somebody using 32bits CloudReady image stumble with this web page.

    The solution for 32bits CloudReady is here:


    But anyway Neverware plan to stop supporting 32bits on August'19...

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