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  • nangtienngu


    You can use Microsoft Office Online or Google docs to open ,create, edit office files on Cloudready. All of them can be found on Chrome Web Store. In addition, you should install this extension too after upgrading to version 70.3 or above because it's incompatible with current version of Cloudready.(

    The disadvantage of Office apps on Chrome Web Store are lacking of features but if you are using Cloudready 64 bit, you can install Libre Office flatpak app (


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  • Michael Pobega

    You could try the Flatpak, though I haven't tried it so your mileage may vary:

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  • Bidwell Ely

    A new question about installing Apache Open Office (it is free), I have used it for years on MS platform and love it. 

    The default is Linux 64bit (x86-64) (RPM) Is that the correct version of Linux to use or should I download DEB?

    Do I need to open up the Linux folder before downloading the software? I am using CloudReady 72.4


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  • Forrest Smith

    i think you'll need to have Linux apps enables via settings, and I think if you download the.deb file it will be automatically opened in the Linux container even if you just double click from the downloads folder.


    Note that above mentioned flatpak open office installation is a separate system (native flatpak support as opposed to Linux container in a VM for crostini). Both will have pros and cons that differ, so you may want to try both if you run into issues.

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