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  • Forrest Smith

    You could certainly try copying the configs from CloudReady's /etc/gesture/* directory over to your Chomefy device, but that will only improve things if the configuration for libgestures is what's different. If there are driver/firmware/kernel level difference, I don't think there's any solution for transferring things from one to the other, as most of that stuff is compiled into the OS at build-time.

  • Jordan Lavenuta

    Do you know where can I find the config of the touchpad ? I mean how should I proceed to try to improve things like you say?

    Thank you for the help btw

  • Forrest Smith

    Here's the article that lays out the more general ideas you might want to be familiar with:


    The broad strokes for your particular case would be to that you can find your touchpad's USB PID by searching for the right stuff in log files. Try this cmd:

    sudo cat /var/log/messages | grep -i touchpad

    Hopefully you'll see, amongst a lot of noise, a 6 character string with a colon in the middle like "044e:120a" (but with any other alphanumeric combo being valid).


    Once you had that PID, you would want to follow the steps in that linked article above to edit /etc/gesture/50-neverware.conf . In your case I think you just need to experiment with adding your touchpad's PID to one of the existing entries in that file so that the

    "Tap Minimum Pressure" 1

    modifier applies to your device as well. 

    Again, there are details in all that to work through, but if you refer carefully to the steps in that link you should be able to work it all out. If walking through cmd line stuff like this feels like a challenge, you may want to consider instead making peace with no tapping.

  • Jordan Lavenuta

    Thank you, I tried to look into it but i'm having some difficulties.


    Anyway, I managed to have that page on my shell, does it help understanding my problem? x) is this the file i should modify ? 

  • Forrest Smith

    the file showing in your picture is 


    but my recommendation is to edit 



  • Michael Pobega

    Also keep in mind these may not work 1:1 depending on your device -- our engineers have expanded the number of options you can match hardware with, so anything using MatchDMIVendor or MatchDMIProduct will not work on other Chromium based operating systems.


    For a single user system you should be able to get away with just omitting the MatchUSBID and MatchDevicePath lines and keeping the MatchIsTouchpad

  • Jordan Lavenuta

    Hey guys, it's me again, Forrest Smith you said I should modify 50-neverware.conf... but how ? 

    Should I copy 50-neverware.conf to replace 50-touchpad-cmt (which of my current Chrome OS image) ?

    And thanks for the feedback Michael, I understand it's not that simple and that it may not work... anyway I would try to dig cloudready drivers and copy them to my actual installation... 


  • Forrest Smith

    You can either either directly edit the original file, or make a copy to edit and backup the original. 

  • Jordan Lavenuta

    Yup i get that, but what should I modify in the file ? This is where I'm getting lost...

  • Forrest Smith

    Please see my message from December 1st. That has the info you need as to what you might try changing.

  • Jordan Lavenuta

    I will try that Forrest, thanks a lot, i'll keep you up do date x)

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