Dell Latitude 3490 all good but HDMI



  • Forrest Smith

    Hi Ed,

    Can you check if the HDMI output works better if you close and re-open the lid while connected?

  • Edward L. DeBuhr

    Well call this odd. Tried yesterday, no joy. Try now, and boom works.

    The gods are smiling at me now.

    Thanks, keep up the great work. I use this as my daily driver.

    Used it on:

    HP Mini - Solid functionality

    Lenovo S10-3 - Solid functionality

    Asus UL30V - Solid, all works (will check HDMI again)

    Acer One AO722 - Worked like a champ, went back to Win 7 as I needed one.

    Dell Latitude 3490 - Daily driver

    Dell Latitude 5580 - Tested live as its a work laptop

  • Forrest Smith


    Awesome to hear it's working well, and even better to see such a long list of devices you've tried and succeeded with.

    We're always looking for feedback, especially from folks like you who rely on CloudReady as a primary device, so don't hesitate to bring us your thoughts.

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