Wi-Fi Enterprise won't connect



  • Forrest Smith

    Hi Shenzhen,


    I took a look at your logs - your EAP wireless auth uses certificate-requests from a domain controller (or equivalent). The handshake is taking place, but I believe your device is not successfully saving the certificate.

    This is probably because of TPM. If you read through our TPM guide:


    you'll see that "hardware-backed certificates" require an active, supported TPM device, and that not all TPM devices are supported.


    Your Chromebook has built-in supported TPM which is why it works. 


    If you personal device even has TPM, you could try to get TPM working on your device, but it may be impossible at this point. Steps to try:

    1) Go into your BIOS and find TPM/TCG settings

    2) Find the setting to "clear" or "reset" the TPM/TCG

    3) Save and reboot and confirm the clear (if necessary)

    4) Re-enter BIOS settings, find TPM/TCG again, and make sure it it set to be enabled, active, available, manageable by the OS, etc. Basically any settings you see there, enable them

    5) Reinstall CloudReady using a fresh USB stick and without connecting to wifi (this is necessary so that the OS can take control of the TPM, assuming it is properly cleared and supported)

    6) After reinstalling, start up and connect to wifi - does it work now?


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  • Dwight

    Thanks for respons, It's very useful details. I got it work now

    I don't see option of TPM or related but I resetted BIOS and set admin Password for security reason.

    I reinstall Cloudready on my existing USB and install it directy on disk. I never connect to wifi on live boot before though. 

    Then it work perfectly. I can connect to the Wi-Fi enerprise finally.

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  • Forrest Smith

    Great! It seems like either the issue with connection was a tempeoary fluke, or somehow resetting BIOS and connecting for the first time after install helped avoid some kind of other issue.

    Either way, enjoy.

    If you can share any details about how your organization uses devices and whether Chromebooks / CloudReady are an option you're considering, it's always helpful for us to learn more.

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