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  • Forrest Smith

    You can disable verity and edit the contents of files in


    in order to adjust touchpad behavior.

    You'll need to follow the model shown in those .conf files at that path - target your particular touchpad USB PID by finding it from logs, and then find the right qualities to adjust by copy/pasting/editing what else you see specified for other devices there.

    I think enties like "scroll out x axis" and "scroll out y axis" are what you'll want to edit for scroll speed.

  • Tony Stark

    OK. I will try that. I'll post another reply to tell of my attempt.

  • Tony Stark

    Alright, so I actually followed this guide on an older chromium tutorial by arnoldthebats. 

    In my /etc/gesture/40-touchpad-cmt.conf I added a few lines to the synaptics driver input class that got it to work better. It isn't as fast as the samsung chromebook I have, but this scrolling is nice. Here is a screenshot of it. If you have any recommendations, that would be amazing

  • Forrest Smith

    if you just want it faster, amp up the "Scroll Y Out Scale" to 2 or 2.5. That is the closest to "vertical scroll speed" in my experience.


    A couple questions that could help direct things:

    * Does your Acer laptop have settings in the BIOS for "advanced" versus "basic" modes? you might want to compare the behavior in each setting if so.

    * Have you tried raise or lowering the "Tap Minimum Pressure" value? It clearly needs to be set somehow, but the slow scrolling miiiight mean it's set wrong. I usually experiment by changing things by a factor of 5 ( increase or decrease) and then saving and rebooting and seeing what changed. This will usually be too big of a change, but it's convenient to have the difference be obvious. Once you know how it works, you can adjust and find a more nuanced value.

    * Can you point to the exact steps you took to get tap working? Was it just adding "tap minimum pressure" as shown above? Or did you have to make other changes?

  • Tony Stark

    Hi Forest, 

    I followed this guide that allowed me to fix the tap and also followed the guide in the comments section, which set the tap sensitivity and then plugged in the stuff in the screenshot above. I also upped the Y axis value over to 2.25 which is a sweet spot for me. I got everything up for the tap and it runs really good. I just got a few other issues which I will make some other posts on the general thread about so that when we find fixes, people in my spot will have answers archived.

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