Unable to connect to smartphone on Chrome 71.1



  • Forrest Smith


    Right now we don't know why this feature is listed as disabled in this way, or whether we'll be able to enable it. You'll see an update in our blog posts if we do figure it out!

  • Matt Williams

    Im getting this issue also, seems strange because it says its enforced by an administrator, even on a non GSuite account. Hopefully they can get a fix in for this soon.

  • Raul Rodriguez

    Have the same issue running 72.1.30 developer-build chromeover64. 


    72.2 and still "enforced by an administrator" any news?

  • Matt Williams

    Reply from Neverware Support:


    Jan 23, 10:55 EST

    Hi Matt, 

    Thank you for reaching out to Neverware Support. 

    This seems to be a feature facing the same scenario as voice-typing, geo-location and translate. Like these features that are API protected by Google it seems to be a protected one too. While the developers are working on trying to get this working there is no guarantee it will until it is made available to Chromium. 

    On that note please do keep an eye out on our blog and it's latest release notes to know if this will be fixed in future releases. Please let me know if you have any further questions. 

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