Too Many Power Notifications on Lenovo G560



  • Forrest Smith

    I'm not sure what the change would be to stop the notifications from triggering at certain thresholds, but you can maybe mute the battery/power notifications using the notifications menu:

    In there you can see different sources of notifications and check/uncheck a box to adjust whether they show. 

  • Tony Baloney

    ... Looks like I gotta mute everything, the power notification red warning doesn't have a gear to just ignore THAT!

  • Forrest Smith




    Also, have you checked if there are any power/performance/battery tweaks in the bios that affect behavior?

  • Tony Baloney

    I think chrome goodies are offers from google...???

    The power notification warning also comes at the login window so I think it may not be a per/user setting.

    I did look in flags and saw nothing that struck me..

    I also saw nothing in the bios that would indicate a variable setting..??

  • Tony Baloney

    Changed this flag to disable & it seems to help...will monitor further..


    Lock screen notification

    Enable notifications on the lock screen. – Chrome OS

  • Tony Baloney

    ...unless you guys did something in 72.2 to address this issue!!??

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