Few problems (battery warning, no sound, booting)



  • Joe

    Hmm so in MINT you tested and All else work correct? Sound, BT, etc. Well CR doesn't have or use other Linux Gurb Menu type menu it just boots but yes wishing they'd add a menu *If possible though idt they can cause Chrome OS doesn't even have a option or menu but if you install CR first and use MINT to resize the partition (resize to 16GB) and install MINT along side CR it will work but if you go and install a update to CR it'll break MINT and only boot to CR after the installed update so you'd want to disable updates via CR if you wish to Dual Boot


    Now if you update the kernel or firmware on Linux MINT I believe it'll break CR as well though haven't tested 

  • Jakub Raczkowski

    No, I didn't use Mint. I just can't boot from any other usb than CR's. There must be something special about how neverware prepare their bootable drives.

    Before I used Win10 (minipc came with Win 8 pre-installed and I updated) and all was working but not as quickly as CR.

  • Forrest Smith

    CloudReady provides a 32bit EFI file (along with the more typical 64bit EFI file) for booting into the 64bit OS. Most Linux distros don't include a 32bit EFI file by default, making it difficult to boot into them when running on a device like yours which has a 32bit firmware but is capable of running 64bit OSs.

    As for your other issues, I'm not sure there's much help to be had.

    * If your device has no battery, it seems expected to me that you'd get a low battery warning. Chromebooks, generally, don't have removeable batteries, so there's probably no UI flow in the code for a missing battery.

    * For sound, i think a USB headphone/mic set would probably work even if the sound card don't (since USB audio is all-digital).

    * Bluetooth may work better in v71.1 on our dev channel, if you want to try that.

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