Battery Discharging When Suspended/Sleeping



  • Tony Baloney

    ..changed the when idle to sleep but it still discharges abnormally when sleeping...

  • Forrest Smith

    Is this new in v70/71? Or have you seen it on older versions?

  • Tony Baloney

    It's in 71, I can test Stable v70 on a different machine (My Daughters Production/School machine) for perspective if you want.

  • Tony Baloney

    ..must be kinda new 'cause I went to get my sleeping machine one morning recently & it was DEAD!


    I've been testing by running

    battery_test 1

    in a cros shell, closing the lid then opening it an hour later or so & running

    battery_test 1

    again & see the percentage has fallen, which was/is not to be expected in my opinion.

  • Christo

    CONFIRMED this happened to me as well ::: macbookAir 4,1, -- v 70.4.39 (stable channel)


  • Forrest Smith

    We tested our Macbook 4,1 in house and did not run into any issues of this kind.


    We found that, on v68, v70, and our v72 beta release, the Macbook 4,1 loses negligible battery life over a 20 minute sleep.

    On v72.2, we then let it sleep, unplugged, all night with the lid closed. We found it had lost 12% battery over that ~12 hour period, which is really quite good for such an old machine.


    I don't have a Macbook Air 4,1 to compare to, but our other Macbook Airs don't show an issue either.


    Some suggestions if you're still seeing an issue:

    * Please note that there may be differences between sleeping with lid open and sleeping with lid closed.

    * There are also extensions that might allow the screen to dim/turn off without the computer actually sleeping, so you might want to check if disabling all extensions changes the behavior.

    * There is a "keep wifi on during sleep" setting under "Privacy and Security" (at least, in v72 there is) - that might impact power on older machines since they may not have the same low-power-mode firmware.

  • Tony Baloney

    ..It seems to have cleared after some Dev channel update.

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