VirtualBox Extensions



  • Forrest Smith



    There is not a solution to this currently. The Chromium OS security model does not allow us to run VirtualBox exactly the same way and with the same permissions that it has on other OSs. I believe the extensions are a non-trivial development task for us, so while we have it queued, it is not a high priority at the moment.


    However, for your more particular issue, you might consider a shared network drive between your local Windows VM and CloudReady. Just establish an available (publicly or by username/password) shared drive in Windows, and then use the Chrome setting menu "Network file shares" option to connect.

  • Brian Yu

    Thanks for the reply, would using a shared network drive allow me to add a USB to the Cloudready file manager and share that with the Windows VM? Or does it only work one way? 

  • Forrest Smith

    It would work two ways, but not for a USB. It would just allow you to connect to a network-shared folder whenever your Windows VM is open. You would be able to put file in the folder inside the Windows VM to share to CloudReady, or move files into the network share on the CLoudReady side to share to Windows.

    The USB wouldn't pass through directly, but you could drag files from a USB in CLoudReady over to the network share once set up.

  • Brian Yu

    That doesn't work for me unfortunately, I need ADB support, guess the VM has little use for me. Thanks for the help anyway!

  • Carl Leubsdorf

    In my case I"m trying to use an Epson USB Scanner so the network approach wouldn't work. Ah well - probably should have gotten a networkable scanner!!

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