VirtualBox prompts to upgrade, then signs out when I cancel



  • Forrest Smith

    Hey Nolan,


    There were some UI bugs in v70 that we think are improved in v71.1 on our dev channel - that may be slightly unstable, but so far looks to be pretty safe. Do you mind updating to 71.1 and trying again there?

  • Nolan Darilek

    Wow, thanks for the quick response!

    I can try that in a day or two. Being fairly new to Chrome OS, I'm wondering how to upgrade to 71.1 without necessarily opting into future dev channel updates? I've been running this on an old Dell laptop for months with no significant problems, but my intent is for this desktop to be a more stable work machine. So essentially I'd be willing to try 71.1, but then I'd like to switch back to stable without downgrading so I'd get the next stable version. Is that doable?

    Thanks again.

  • Nolan Darilek

    Ah, just read your linked article to the bottom. I see that switching back to stable doesn't downgrade, but blocks future upgrades until the stable version is greater. That's perfect, thanks.

  • Nolan Darilek

    OK, so it no longer crashes under 71.1. However, now it doesn't keep windows open unless you click inside them.

    So, for instance, I click New to create a new VM. The window closes almost immediately after being open.

    If I use Ctrl-n to open the same window, it seems to stay open until Control is released, at which point it closes.

    If I use Ctrl-n, then click inside the window, it stays open. I can advance through the first couple steps of creating a VM, but as soon as I reach the window to create a virtual disk, the window closes and the VM creation procedure can't continue. I assume this is because a new window is opening and I haven't clicked inside it, but I can't click inside it because it appears in response to one mouse click (I.e. isn't opened by a keyboard accelerator.)

    FWIW, I'm blind and have ChromeVox enabled at points in this process, though I disable it when VirtualBox launches because it can't work in the QT window. So in theory it *shouldn't* be interfering, but maybe there's some state left around when I disable it? Anyhow, might be worth enabling and disabling if you can't duplicate this. :) Mouse clicks seem to work elsewhere, so it doesn't seem to be an issue with my mouse, or with mouse-handling in general.


    As an aside, is there any way to use `vboxmanage startvm` from a crosh shell? As a blind person, I prefer command line processes wherever possible, and have found some command line guides for how to create VMs. Unfortunately, when I try running startvm to kick off the VM I create, I get a segfault and an error that I can't connect to the display. I assume I need to set my DISPLAY environment variable, but I don't know if :0 should be sufficient or if I need something more involved. I'd try myself, but things have gotten a bit unstable when I start poking around with this, so I'd rather know for sure what should work rather than go through a bunch of steps and experience another segfault.


    Thanks for any help.

  • Nolan Darilek

    FWIW, I now have VirtualBox running fine in Crouton. Multiple Windows 10 VMs work fine, and the GUI doesn't close windows as soon as keys are released. So once this odd issue is resolved, things should be fine. While I'll hang onto Crouton for Linux development and Thunderbird, it'd be nice to run VMs directly under Neverware. :)

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