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  • Tony Baloney

    Since installing it has never been updated, is it normal?

    ...OtA updates are not supported or allowed on a USB drive!

    You can look in the app store for anti-virus extensions or apps.

  • Joe

    CLOUDREADY is Linux and no viruses known for any Linux Based OS. CR can't be installed on a USB Stick only HDD/SSD or a SD Card LINK

  • Joe

    It's been patched already. GOOGL OS/CLOUDREADY aren't like other Linux OS

  • Tony Baloney checker

  • Forrest Smith

    No operating system is virus free, but CloudReady is much safer than other operating systems and you should be secure using it without any additional virus protection. 

    You should always be careful with your own personal sharing of information. Phishing is a much more significant risk and there is no easy way to block all phishing. 

  • Ricardo Rodriguez Garcia

    Hola   Forrest   Smith,   Desde España,      yo no soy informatico , solo usuario aficionado,    he conseguiro instalar el CLOUDREAY  en   un  pendrive  y  funciona bien ,  -cuando lo he instado en el disco duro de mi portatil, se ha instalado bien

    Pero   cuando inicio el   portatil   sin el   pendrive ,   no   ternina de iniciarse el CLOUDREADY,   Pero con el  CR instaldo en el pendrive y   conectado al portatil    si   funciona y muy bien.

    No  he sabido  hacer otra cosa ,    iré aprendiendo poco a poco ,  

    Que  precauciones o cuidados he de tener ??     Antivirus ,  antimalware  ect ect.   

    En este momento  mi  navegador cromium  tiene la extension    OPSWAT

    Gracias por la respuesta.  

  • Forrest Smith

    If you are having trouble starting CloudReady after installing to your HDD, you may need to experiment with boot mode settings in your BIOS (legacy, CSM, uefi) and potentially reinstall from USB after changing them.


    As for security - as long as you make sure to only provide your usernames and passwords to verified websites with a "lock" symbol in the URL bar like this:

    then you should be relatively secure.

  • Ricardo Rodriguez Garcia

    MUchas  gracias   Forrest,   experientaré  con el inicio a ver si se inicia bien desde el disco duro.

    El disco duro , de mi portatil ha sido formateado para diferentes sistemas operativos - windows ,  fedora ,  linux,  ubuntu,  varios  S.O.   ¿ES Posible que el disco duro no esté bien formateado  o halla que recuperar un nuevo formateo antes de isntalar   CR.  ?   

    Gracias   F.S.


  • Forrest Smith

    No the formatting should not be a problem.


    As long as the installation sequence completes without error, and then your device shuts down completely ( not restart, but shut down) then the installation has completed and no prior formatting should matter.


    While you work through different startup / boot settings, make sure your USB has the latest stable v70.4.39 (64bit) version, as this should provide the best support.

  • Ricardo Rodriguez Garcia

    Hola,   FS,    perdone mi torpeza,  gracias,

    ¿de donde  descargo,  como descargo  la verson  de cloudready,   

    atest stable v70.4.39 (64bit) 

    ¿es la version para colegios ?


  • Forrest Smith

    You can find the Home Edition here:


    If you want to use the paid Education Edition for schools, you can request a trial here:

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