Compatibility Tests: Toshiba Satellite C675D-S7109



  • Jacob Davis

    Update #1: I guess the DVD burner works under Files. Just tried it out, and it recognizes the disc, and sees the files! I guess I may be able to use it after all.

  • Joe

    If you wish, you can get a HDD CD Drive Slot as I have. Only a few dollars on eBay

  • Forrest Smith

    Thanks for the detailed feedback! 

  • Jacob Davis

    Late breaking: I found out that the keyboard and mouse suddenly stopped working after I closed the laptop's lid. Restarting the machine fixed the problem, and I deactivated the "Sleep when lid is closed" option and selected the Turn Off display option in When Idle in my Power Settings to compensate. As of this comment, I'm updating the system to the Dev channel releases.

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