I got the old cloud ready software for some random reason...



  • nangtienngu

    Hi Alex,

    Clould you tell me what version of Cloudready are you using?

    And did you install Clodready on your HDD( or SSD ) or just live booting?

    Edit: The first picture with a bigger icon of Chromium browser at the center is the newer of version of Cloudready.

  • Forrest Smith

    Yeah, sorry to break it to I but your top image is the newest design and what's expected. That's Google's new UI and our plan is to stick with that for the time being.

  • Alex S

    Hello, thanks for your reply. just I watched alot of youtube videos and they got the one picture that I posted below and thats why I thought its newer Im using 70.4.39. and I already installed cloudready on my harddrive on HP stream 13. 

  • Alex S

    Great! Thank you very much.


  • Alex S

    But the thing is when I go to google and type in newest Chrome OS the one on the bottom comes up in the images.


  • Forrest Smith

    The UI changes are from only the past few months - the images in Google searches are older.


    If you search - "Chrome OS UI v70" you'll see predominantly the new UI.

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