Acer Spin 1 Will boot on USB, but not on HD



  • James Villafana

    Every time I try to install it, it seems that it simply restarts the computer and reloads the boot on the USB rather than turning it off and allowing me to enter and take out the USB

  • James Villafana

    When manually installing it, I put the location as /dev/mmcblk1, but after looking around the internet, this seems to be a partition on my USB. I dont know which partition is my hard drive, because /mmcblk1 is the only one with 29GB, which is closest to the supposed 32GB storage on this notebook

  • Forrest Smith

    Hi James,

    Above all else - are you using v70.4 64bit on you USB installer? If not, definitely switch to that and try again before proceeding.

    Does your device reboot when the install process completes? Or does it power off ?


    We have seen a lot of issues in the past with devices that reboot at the end - powering off is the expected behavior.


    If your device is powering off at the end, our next step would be to look into different BIOS settings to change that may affect how the USB install, or the subsequent startup, is working.

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