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  • Matthew Standley

    Please do not misunderstand, but I suggest you give more and clearer details.

    I am not a tech person, but it seems to me that your question should come with more information about your hardware and specific problem.

    I have a similar problem, and I gave a lot of info about my hardware / Internet connection (LAN), but no one has answered the question yet.

    For the sake of a faster response, I suggest you give more details.

  • Borislosk

    Thanks Matthew.

    I am using WD My Drive which is kind of like a simple version of a NAS. Itś plugged into the wifi router at home via a lan cable.

    I would like to access it from my Cloudready laptop via my home wifi like I do with my Windows XP laptop and be able to stream content from it.

    I tried setting up a network file share on the Cloudready laptop through Setting>Advanced>Downloads>Network File Shares>Add File Share then input in the File Share URL field ¨smb://192.168.0.xx¨ or ¨\\192.168.0.xx¨ with 192.168.0.xx being the IP address of the WD My Drive. I got the message saying ¨error mounting share¨.

    Not sure if this is the right way to set up but I can´t find any helpful tips really.

    Thank you in advance to anyone who could help.

  • Forrest Smith



    Does your WD drive have a web interface?

    If you visit http://19.168.0/xx in your browser, do you see something?

    Similar question how did you access this thing from your WinXP laptop?

  • Borislosk

    If I go to http://192.168.0.xx in my browser, I'll be in the log-in page to the utilities of the WD Drive where I can adjust some settings but not access the content of the drive.

    From my Windows 7 laptop (sorry, not XP), I simply go to My Computer>Network, the WD Drive will appear under Computer, Media Device as well as Storage.


  • Forrest Smith

    I would guess that the software that broadcasts the WD drive to Windows is specifically built to be discoverable by Windows File Explorer.


    You might be able to find this device using an extension like this one:


    But I dont think i can help with the specifics of any one extension or more generally how to connect without an extension, since the details of how exactly Windows discovers it and connects would need to be known first. 

  • Borislosk

    Thank you so much for your help.

    However, I can´t install the Network File Share App. It says it´s not compatible with the CPU architecture.

    Anyway, really appreciate.

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