Remove manually Flatpak



  • Forrest Smith

    Can you help me understand why you still need to remove the flatpak via cmd line after uninstalling it using a right-click menu in the app tray?

    I would expect that to be complete.

  • DR

    Yes no matter app tray works well i was only curious about this.

    Thank you

  • DR

    Sorry to post again about this.

    I have tryed to uninstall right-click menu in the app tray and then reinstall the app.

    I have noticed that all flatpak application doesn't remove when uninstalled all the datas stored.

    For example uninstalling thunderbird when we'll reinstall the flatpak application we'll found again all account already added and all mail extension etc.. already stored.

    Shotwell just reinstalled will shoes all photos and events added etc...

    It's not a deal I have used this unexpected functiuon to reinstall flatpak app updated and come back with all 

    data already sotred.

    It seeems tha is an hidden .directory like .home with all datas of flatpak appliucation.

    Is possible to wipe this info just uninstalled flatpak application?

    Only a question is possilbe upate flatpak aplication via command line withou disable verity? 

    I'l try crostin just v71 will be released.


    Again thank You for Yr effort this system is amazing.


  • Forrest Smith

    Updating flatpaks is something we know is not always working properly, but we intend to automate eventually.


    The leftover data from one flatpak install to another is not something we've looked into, so thanks for the feedback.


    If you want as much control as possible I'd definitely recommend using Crostini in v72 (on the dev channel, or when it is released stable in  February).

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