Unable to enter bios



  • Forrest Smith

    It depends on your device - what manufacturer and model is your machine?

  • Imran

    Alfawise mini PC x5 z8350

  • Imran

    Thing is I prefer cloudready but my tv resolution is not supported(Samsung)..and Intel hd 400 seems broken. Poor YouTube 1080p performance.

  • Forrest Smith

    Hi Imran,

    I don't know anything about that brand - Alfawise isn't a manufacturer we have any hardware to compare to.

    I would recommend trying all the standard F1 - F12 keys, and esc, but tapping them repeatedly to interrupt start. If none of those work then is recommend teaching out to Alfawise.

    CloudReady doesn't make any BIOS/UEFI changes that can alter the accessibility of the BIOS or the boot keys, so no it should just be a matter of following the standard procedure with the right timing.

  • Imran

    It's very weird because removing battery cmos can't reset the fastboot setting..it's like it has some sort of backup to restore the bios setting when I power on the device..f1 -f12 key pressed all not working..mhmm thanks anyway for the reply:)

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