Update always breaks on Acer C7



  • Forrest Smith

    Are you installing with 64bit CLoudReady? 32bit images might have a problem like this.

  • Chris Horry

    Almost certain I was, I'm presently reimaging and it's definitely 64-bit (downloaded the freshly minted image this morning) so as soon as that completes I'll try an update and see how it goes.


  • Chris Horry

    Same results, here's the full steps I took:

    1. Reimaged to 64-bit 70.4.39

    2. Switched to development channel

    3. Rebooted

    4. Ran update, update went to development channel

    5. Clicked Restart

    6. System restarted, then went to OS Verification is off screen, hit ctrl-d to continue boot

    7. CloudReady logo appeared for a few seconds, system rebooted, then back to OS Verification screen

    8. Continued boot, now stuck at CloudReady logo again

    If I do a hard reset steps 6-8 repeat.

    Is there a debug build (or some way to get diagnostics) you can supply so I can do some more tests and get logs?



  • Chris Horry

    System is PARROT WHISTLER A-D 3036.


  • Forrest Smith

    Ahh. So I think what this means is that the step of pressing ctrl+d is doing damage to the CloudReady system.


    Probably, it's trying to powerwash in that stage, which is breaking something on our system (we don't support powerwash since we have some delicate customizations that Google does not, and USB reinstall is usually just fine).


    You may need to avoid auto-updates, or wait through the OS-verification screen instead of pressing ctrl+d.

  • Chris Horry

    No change on waiting through the OS screen.

  • Forrest Smith

    You may need to reinstall when v72 is available - it sounds like updating may be problematic when using an official Chromebook. This is hardware we do not aim explicitly to support, so bugs like this are not particularly surprising.

  • Chris Horry

    That seems reasonable, it's more of an occasional inconvenience than anything.  I'm just glad this ancient Chromebook can still get some life out of it!

  • Chris Horry

    So, as of 72.4.35 updates are working again.  Not sure what changed but thanks!

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