Notification for Cloudready Update Download in progress?



  • Forrest Smith

    The design of the OS is to minimize disruption and prevent the need for notifications when the update is in progress.


    A notification does pop up, in v70+, when you update is complete and ready for you to reboot into it.



    If you're interested in making a case that two notifications would be better, I'd recommend sending Google/the Chromium team the feedback directly. Our goal is generally to stick close to the Chrome OS spec unless something is broken or insufficient.

  • Tony Baloney only thought is the OS acts a little slower during this process & any unnecessary power disruptions by the user will allow the update to finish sooner & without issue.

  • Joe

    To me these updates when downloading showed no slow down prior to the system but only Internet Traffic is when I saw it slow down at times but not by much at All.

    I'd just let it go through and download it, restart and it's done!

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