"Operating system not found"



  • Forrest Smith


    This depends entirely on your particular hardware, the steps you took to install, as well as how you imaged your USB and what brand it is.


    Can you provide a more detailed description with all of that info?

  • Dennis Asaka

    Thanks for responding.

    Hardware: VAOI 32 bit, RAM 2.0 GB, Windows 10

    External Drive Boot: Enabled

    Boot Priority: USB Flash (*)

    USB: 2.0 28GB:  cloudready-usb-maker 43,875KB

    As far as imaging, I just downloaded the install file.




  • Joe

    Could please give the actual Model of the Laptop to confirm rather the cpu is 32 or 64-Bit

  • Dennis Asaka

    CPU is 32 bit

  • Joe

    Is your BIOS legacy or UEFI (preferably just Legacy) and also we need the brand of the USB. Also what you installing it to. The external drive or the internal. Also the 32-bit has some issues sadly with a lot of users here and 64-bit seems to be the more stable version though the cpu in yours isn't compatible


    Just to note a lot of features don't support 32-bit now 

  • Forrest Smith

    What tool did you use to image the install file to the USB stick?

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