CloudReady 70.4.40 32bit can't switch to the phonetic input method



  • nangtienngu

    Why don't you use the 64 bit version of Cloudready? It is supported better than 32 bit including Media plugins, apps, etc

  • Haur5

    Hi nangtienngu,

    because cloudready work on my netbook. in this cpu case only support 32bit process.  

  • Forrest Smith

    Haur5 - 

    Are you in guest mode when you test this input method?

    There is a known issue with Guest mode input tools, but all input tools I know of work once signed in.

  • Haur5

    Hi Forrest Smith,
    just test input tools with login account. but still not work with me. i think that is 32bit version of os issue.

  • Joe

    Yes, I'd say most features only work for the 64-bit version

  • Forrest Smith

    We tested this today on a 32bit install of both 70.4 and 72.2 - input tools of all kinds, including Chinese Pinyin, work fine for us.

    Regardless, you should switch to 64bit if your hardware supports it.

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