Cloudready on LENOVO MIIX 320



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    There are a lot of existing threads about tap to click, ranigng from simple workarounds to more complex cmd line changes that can help.


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  • Gyandeep Chaudhary

    @deepak could you tell me step by step how you installed as i'm receiving a blank screen after booting from usb drive.


  • Deepak Chauhan

    Hi Gyandeep, i just followed the standard instruction of installing the Cloudready (video on youtube). I got the same problem, sometimes its blank, sometimes it boots. When i got the blank screen, i did a hard shutdown (pressed the power button for long, until it shuts). Then again powered ON, then it booted in landscape mode.

    The current version of cloudready is not supporting many functions (tap-to-click, battery gauge, brightness control, etc.) in MiiX 320 there are work arounds but i am new to it. 

    Today i installed LUBUNTU 18.10. need to do few workarounds for minor issues. Let me know if you need more inputs.

  • Gyandeep Chaudhary

    I tried booting up with 5 different pen drives for 20+ times but could get to boot even once.
    I'm confused that where i'm doing it wrong as it is not booting up.

  • Forrest Smith


    It sounds like your usb creation process could be an issue. Can you check on some other device to see if your USB installer work anywhere else?

  • Deepak Chauhan


    Try the latest version released yesterday.

  • Gyandeep Chaudhary

    @ Forrest Smith I have checked the USB with my other laptop ACER Predator Helios 300 and it boots up fine,but that same usb doesnt boot on Lenovo one.
     @ Deepak website still shows 70.4.39 in download option.

  • Deepak Chauhan

    @ Gyandeep,

    Assuming your struggle with the MiiX 320's power to run Windows 10. Try putting Ubuntu on it. (CR is great, but as of today, Miix 320 is not a listed device for CR). 

    I know it requires too much effort. Try it, there are many Miix owners who took this path, you'll find many tutorials. 

    Tutorial ->

  • Joe

    May I suggest Linux MINT? It's UI is similar to Windows 7 plus a lot of people use it. MINT runs great

  • Deepak Chauhan


    what Miix 320 variant do you use? and what functions run after installation out-of-the-box. Any detailed tutorial?

  • Joe

    No I don't have that laptop I was just referring to you that option

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