• Geofrey Hill

    We need some more information if we are to try and help. What version of CloudReady are you using? Do you have Proprietary Media Components and flash installed? Are you using 32bit or 64bit? Are you installed or are you livebooting from the installer USB?

  • Gourab Podder

    I didnt restarted after installing the media components :3

    Now is working fine :D

  • Gourab Podder

    The things i hate most about chrome os is the inability to print and scan via usb
    Though the print option has been done but still the scan option :(
    Not everyone has a wireless printer :(

  • Forrest Smith



    Do you have an Android smart phone?

    You might like the "scan to PDF" option available in the Google Drive app. It takes a photo on your phone and then flattens and concerts it to a PDF. It isn't perfect, but it is much better than you might expect.

  • Gourab Podder

    I mainly use Camscanner

    I have the HP 1515 All in one 

    sad to say i cant use the scanner 

    but atleast now have the printing support XD

  • Paul Dirschka

    I was using Netflix until today. Apparently CloudReady updated.

    I had to got to Settings/Media Plugins/ then installed Proprietary Media Components. 

    Installed (version 72.4)
    All is now working well.
  • Pau Rodriguez

    In case somebody using 32bits CloudReady image stumble with this web page.

    The solution for 32bits CloudReady is here:

    But anyway Neverware plan to stop supporting 32bits on August'19...

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