Not booting correctly after 72.1 update



  • Forrest Smith

    The AMD graphics in this device may be part of the problem - we don't have any officially supported devices with this hardware, so I can't say for sure if it is expected to work.


    Are you using 64bit CloudReady?

  • Forrest Smith

    64bit CloudReady is always what we recommend and expect to work best unless a device is unable to boot it at all.


    If you're on the stable channel, v70.4 is what you're running.


    There might be an issue with v72, or with updating in general. I'd recommend keeping a v70.4 installer on USB around, and waiting for 72.4 to come out stable to see if a stable update has similar issues.

  • Mattias Magnusson

    Alright, I'll stay on 70.4 for now. But if there is a Dev update coming before the next stable I'll try to upgrade to that as well just to dubble check if that update is working better or if the issue persists. I'll most likely continue this thread when that happens.


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