Please put back os upgrade changelog in the blog posts



  • nangtienngu

    I totally agree with you. Since the version 72, the post has changed a little bit. Maybe I think because we are on version 72 which is higher than Chrome OS stable channel (Chrome OS 71 is the latest stable build) at the moment.

  • Forrest Smith

    What you're noticing is not a purposeful or accidental shift in detail - we've shifted our focus recently towards back-end tooling, stability, and rapid updates.


    Around February and March, you can expect us to be a bit closer in our release cadence to Google, and then slow down our releases to more closely match their pace. At that point, you'll probably see our release notes growing longer again as our team has more time to make more changes.

  • Sayantan Roychowdhury

    Great! Thanks for the information. The only thing lacking in CR is Google Play Store support (which, sadly, I think cannot be implemented due to legal reasons)

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