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  • Forrest Smith



    When you say that you "followed the direction on the CloudReady site for uninstallation" , can you be more specific about what you did exactly?

    In general, if you want to go from a device installed with CloudReady back to having Windows on it, you will need a working Windows USB installer. You can borrow, buy, or create one if you have the necessary resources, but it's not something we can guide you through here - simply outside our expertise.

    I hope you can work something out - if you have more specific questions feel free to pose them here.

  • Joe

    The easiest way to go back to Windows is this:

    -Create a USB stick with Windows 7,8,or 10 with program RuFus (it's free and search for Windows Downloader and download 7,8, or 10)
    -Once created go into bios and set settings by default then in boot settings be sure USB is first to boot
    -By the windows installer head to the repair section and CMD-Line
    -Type in DiskPart, list disk, 'select your disk with the #', then type clean and restart the pc then allowing the USB to boot

  • Bruce Glatzel

    Joe, thanks for trying to help, unfortunately, your instructions are evidently more complex than I can follow.

    I've made 2 different USB sticks. 1 with the Microsoft and 1 with rufus, neither one will work.  I've gone into the bios, enabled all of the drives and changed the boot order, still boots up to cloudready.


  • Joe

    Hmm you could create a Linux MINT with RuFus and try to boot then erase the disk that way

  • Bruce Glatzel


    If you could put it in English so I could understand what you mean, I'd be willing to try it.

    Tried again with rufus to make a USB stick and it just doesnt seem to work.

    Bru d

  • Joe

    My language is English. Go to Google and search Linux MINT. Download the Cinnamon Version and use RuFus to create the USB Installer. From there you should be able to boot then from the MINT Live OS you can format the HDD

  • Bruce Glatzel

    Thanks, I'll try that next.


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