Strange issue on ThinkPad x1 tablet(1gen)



  • Forrest Smith

    Does the screen go blank and kick you to login? Or does it fully reboot , showing the Lenovo boot splash image etc?

    I ask because I have seen an issue with UI restarts on one machine when switching from tablet mode to desktop mode and back which only reproduces when I am using standalone windows and apps. With normal browser tabs open the switch happens fine. Is it possible this is a factor for you? The best test would be to close all windows and then see if the switch between modes causes issues when at a blank desktop and/or login screen.

  • HS

    It fully reboot.

    This issue occurs anywhere, even in the login screen and the usb live setup.

  • Adam O'Neill

    Same here with my X1 Tab - sing out if you find an answer

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