Acer Aspire One ZG5 reboots during installation



  • Joe

    What's the Storage size? CR requires at least 16GB of storage and 2GB of RAM


    A 8GB Flash stick for the Installer 

  • Paul Vermette

    1GB RAM and 8GB SDD - that might be the problem

  • Joe

    Yep that's the issue. Any chance of upgrading?

  • J. Benoit

    I have an Acer Aspire One (ZG5) and was initially unable to get cloudready to install.  The machine previously had Windows XP installed and as it turns out, that was the issue.  I had to erase the disk and recreate the partition table.  Once that was complete, the GUI install worked perfectly and only took around 15 minutes.  The machine is working great but is a little slow (not surprised).  I'm debating picking up an inexpensive SSD from Amazon to give it some pep.

    Boot from USB and once in the terminal (cntrl + alt + t) and assumes the primary disk is 'sda':

    1. Erase the drive: sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=4M status=progress
    2. Recreate the partition table: $ (echo g; echo w) | sudo /sbin/fdisk /dev/sda

    I then proceeded with the GUI install.  Good luck!

  • Joe

    To my searching this netbook has a type ZiF connector which is a old version. IDE was more popular than ZiF. You'd need to buy a adapter ZiF to Sata. I maybe wrong here. You have the exact model? I'm just curious...

  • J. Benoit

    @Joe mine is a ZG5 AOA150 - 1141.  I believe it has 1.5GB of ram and a 160GB hard drive.  It's been on a shelf for a while so I'm not 100% sure of the specs.  I've not had it apart before either, so it may in fact be a non-standard HDD connector.

  • Joe

    Well I'm still unsure about the connector. Could just be a Sata but from the pictures and video just seems like a ZiF Connector but again I could be wrong. The video is old or just the way he filmed it that I can't get a good look

    CR needs 2GB of RAM for it to be stable or to work at all

  • Joe

    Ok OK yeah the Sata connector is on the bottom of the MB

  • J. Benoit

    Nice!  Still weighing my options.  If I do put an SSD in, it will be for the kids to use.  Since it's 32-bit, it can't run any of the Linux flat-packs.  That's an issue for me.  Think I may have to stop by the second hand computer shop later this week and see what I can find that's 64-bit.  It's been pleasantly surprising to learn how capable 'chromebooks' are. 

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