Crostini GPU



  • Forrest Smith

    Since this added functionality is so new, and only for two specific Chromebook boards, we're not yet sure how possible this is, nor if it will work on some or any CloudReady devices.

    We'll be taking a look and will release any news about this in our blog posts about new releases.

  • Maksim Lin

    Great, thanks Forrest! Yes it's very fresh of the presses so understand you wouldn't have had chance yet to look at it. I'll keep an eye out for future announcements and release notes.

  • Rolf Paloheimo

    I tried starting termina via crosh, " vmc start --enable-gpu termina"

    It works on my pixelbook, but on cloudready returns,

    Error: routine at frontends/ `vm_start(vm_name,user_id_hash,matches.opt_present("enable-gpu"))` failed: gpu support is disabled on the stable channel.

    On 74.1.23, dev channel, love cloudready

  • Forrest Smith

    Sadly there are additional changes to the OS needed to run the Crostini vm with graphics accel. We're interested in looking into that to see if it works, but have not had time yet, so you'll need top stick to flatpaks for graphics accelerated Linux for now.

  • Rolf Paloheimo

    Thanks Forrest,

    I was shocked how great crostini turned out, it runs great in my opinion. I am not complaining, as far as I know even Google has only two chromebooks that can do gpu acceleration and it is still unofficial.

    I am still surprised how well my aging asus tablet compares to my pixelbook.

    Cheers and great work,

  • Forrest Smith


    I am a big fan of the T300 tablet, but the battery on mine went wrong somehow and won't charge past 1%.

    Glad yours is still in action

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