Switch hotkey between cloudready and chroot on laptop



  • gimaldi

    If you mean switching from fullscreen chroot to cloudready, normally I use F4 (every windows switch to/from fullscreen) or ctrl-alt-shift-F4. In both case chroot switch from fullscreen to windowed. With ctrl-alt-shift-F5 chroot is minimized.

    To go back fullscreen bring focus on windowed chroot and use F4 or ctrl-alt-shift-F4.

    For what I understand, different laptop brand/model could have different hotkeys. Those worked in my laptop. I hope are the same in your laptop.




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  • Ditro Vic

    Thanks for your reply, I really appreciate it a lot.
    After trying all Function-keys, I can use Ctrl-Alt-Shift - F2 to exit Linux and view Chroot-tab in Cloudready (or switch back).

    So, you saved my day!

    Too bad Flatpak won't work on my Cloudready device: I only get empty lists. That would have made it even easier.

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