Retiring Chromebooks (EOL)



  • Forrest Smith

    We don't have any plans to support EoL Chromebooks at this time - the steps to install CloudReady require switching permanently into dev mode, or flashing the firmware, and neither of those two acts are either easy to coach customers though, or polished enough solutions for us to feel comfortable making them an official feature.

    You're welcome to use your devices if getting them installed is not a problem for you, but for now we're not able to make the support official.

  • Bard King

    That's a good point. Probably the most harrowing part of prepping these Chromebooks is opening them up to remove the write-protection. Flashing the bios with MrChromebox firmware and installing CloudReady is not as painful or difficult. Would be worthwhile to have a list, even on this forum, of "Unofficially Supported Hardware" like these older Chromebooks so people know there is an option to keep these old laptops useful and out of landfills after their official support from Google ends. These machines are perfect candidates for CloudReady after they are prepped for installation.

      Thanks for your quick reply and explaining this.

  • Forrest Smith


    I've added the C720 to it - I think you're right that making people aware that its possible, even if unsupported, is a good idea.

  • Bard King

    Awesome :) Thanks!

    Edit: My HP 14 Chromebook with the Haswell cpu is:

    14-Q030NR (coral color) which works great with CloudReady.

      These HP 14 Chromebooks are listed by their color instead of a single model number. The entire lot of them are:

    14-Q010NR, 14-Q020NR, 14-Q029WM, 14-Q030NR, and 14-Q070NR

    (Falco is the ChromeOS version).

  • Lou Moore

    Looking forward to this becoming a "thing". I've got a couple 5+ yo chromebooks that'll be hittin' the wall soon. No need to put good hardware out to pasture so soon.

  • Bard King

    Both of mine would hit end of life support in June, just 4mos away. So I preemptively put CloudReady on them. So far so good. These only have 2gb of ram, and 16gb storage, so they are have limitations, but are doing well on CR and are perfectly usable.

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